As I mentioned in my 2014 year in Review post, I wanted to move this blog to my self-hosted WordPress site at Copper Leaf Genealogy. Well, I finally did it!

497 new blog

You can get there in two ways: the link above will take you to the homepage and then you can click Blog in the upper right hand corner and you’ll see the screen above. Or you can go to – either one will work!

That page will show you my last four posts. the words above the posts are categories. You can click on those to see only the posts that have that category attached to them. I don’t necessarily like how this looks but figure I can play with it as time goes on.

When you click on a post, there is a left-hand column that has the usual email subscriptions as well as all my social media links. I did transfer all of my subscribers from this blog to the new blog and all my posts from here have been transferred. Nice and (somewhat) easy!

Let me know what you all think! (On the new blog of course)

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