Tombstone Tuesday: Knocknarea

Going along with last week’s Tombstone Tuesday, here’s more from our trip to Sligo, Ireland.

Walking towards Knocknarae from Sligo - it looks so far!

Walking towards Knocknarae from Sligo – it looks so far!

We had seen this hill while we wandering around town and asked the owners of the B+B we were staying at about it. Apparently, the tiny mound up there is Queen Maeve’s (anglicized spelling) tomb.

A few miles later...

A few miles later…

The legend of Queen Maeve is interesting but I don’t know all of it, so I won’t try to repeat it here. But, we did hear┬ásome interesting stories about the tomb itself. According to our host, the tomb was up for evacuation years ago, 1920’s? 30’s? I can’t reemember. It took quite a long time to get the rights to do so and the man who wanted it done had set up quite a bunch of dynamite to start as soon as he could. This would be where Queen Maeve comes in, and her “curse.” ┬áLots of rain started coming in, suspending the start time of the excavation. The rains and wetness created mold in the dynamite making it no longer usable. And the rains created a sickness in the man, which he supposedly died from. No one has been allowed to excavate since then. Interesting, eh?

The view from the top!

The view from the top!


Another legend says that if you take a rock from the bottom of the trail and add it to her cairn, you’ll have good luck. Both my husband and I did just that and it is a TREK up that hill! There were some people running up and down that hill while I was scrambling up the sides. Made me feel a bit out of shape! There isn’t a trail up really, once you get to the steeper area. You make it up as you go really.

The view looking into Sligo Bay

The view looking into Sligo Bay


The view is SO worth it! Plus, the walk in the countryside can’t be beaten. I highly recommend it :)


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2 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday: Knocknarea

  1. I hope to go there someday! On my bucket list for sure!

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