Amanuensis Monday: April 11th-April 18th 1944

11 April 1944

11 April 1944

Tuesday 11 April 1944

at top: still hoping

Dear Diary,

Went to school. Rained so we couldn’t play baseball. One of my chickens died the pink one. Went to the show with Bonnie. Saw “Happy Go Lucky”” + “High …positives” cried in it. Saw Bud, Bob, + Tom there. 

12 April 1944

12 April 1944

Wednesday 12 April 1944

at top: I’m hoping + praying with all my heart I make it on the team. Please let me God

Dear Diary,

Went to school. Made sphattie + Tomato. Play in the noon was in the 2nd row center. Hope I’m on! Got a new movie book. Went bike riding with Pat + Fran. Played baseball. Walked home with Joan. Put up my hair. Brush my teeth. Going to read a funny book.

13 April 1944

13 April 1944

Thursday 13 April 1944

At top: Please.

Dear Diary,

Went to school. Referreeded today, 2nd game Marilyn [?]st. Got my first floor burn for all year. Played volleyball with Frances, Pat + Baily. Went bike riding saw Dickie Ellis playing baseball as[?] do we. Played hide and go seek + Leamcide [no clue what this should be]. Walked home with Joan.

14 April 1944

14 April 1944


Friday 14 April 1944

Dear Diary,

Went to school. Made scrabbled eggs + ham. Referreeded the noon games. Snowed so we couldn’t play volleyball or baseball. Got a new movie book. Went to the show with Bonnie + Jerry at the Court. Crime Doctor + a English story. Look at the movie books.

15 April 1944

15 April 1944


Saturday 15 April 1944

Dear Diary,

I think I’m one day ahead of you so I may skip a day but today worked on my “Alan Ladd” scrapbook. Dickie came over. We all went to the show. Saw “Fallen Sparrow” and “Fired Wife.” Looked through my scrapbook once more.

16 April 1944

16 April 1944

Sunday 16 April 1944

Dear Diary,

Didn’t go to Sunday school. Grant didn’t come over. And I’m now one day behind. Went to the show saw “Iron Major” and “True to Life” Went over to Dick + Betties. Got a big color picture of Alan Ladd. Took a bath + put up my hair. Listen to the radio + the momers. Read funny book.

17 April 1944

17 April 1944

Monday 17 April 1944

Dear Diary,

Went to school. Practise first hour going tomorrow at “Arthur Hill.” Got a multed. Play volleyball + basketball with the kids. Went bike riding a little. Listen to Lux “Alan Ladd” was on in Conly Island also on the Gild “High Saraga.” Put up my hair. 

18 April 1944

18 April 1944


Tuesday 18 April 1944

Dear Diary,

Went to Arthur Hill High School in the morning got  out of going in the morn. Went in the afternoon. Make up Gym 5th hour with Strong Rebuge [?] + water’s. Played volleyball. Had a float. Colleen came over had a lot of fun. She put up part of my hair. Read Kit Carson.

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3 thoughts on “Amanuensis Monday: April 11th-April 18th 1944

  1. Any idea what the “still hoping” means that is at the top of the pages lately? Or is it to be revealed later in the diary? If so, I’ll wait – love a good genealogy mystery!

  2. Oh fiddle, NM. I’m reading in a small screen with a WP app. Didn’t see the rest of the posts right away. Think I figured it out! *lol* Now I wait to see if she makes it.

    • NikiMarie

      It has to do with the getting on to the volleyball team :) I haven’t read ahead so I’m not sure if she made it or not!

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