Diary: April 5th 1944- April 10th 1944

With Memorial Day yesterday, I didn’t want to post the diary entry as it didn’t seem very fitting. So it’s a day later than normal. :)

5 April 1944

5 April 1944

Wednesday 5 April 1944

at top: same over and over again

Dear Diary,

Went to school. Had an Easter assembly. I was in it. Got a sunday. Worked on my scrap book of Alan Ladd. Read some of my stories that I wrote in the 5th grade was they corny. Had popcorn. Listen to the radio. Bud came over. Put up my hair.

6 April 1944

6 April 1944

Thursday 6 April 1944

at top: still hoping

Dear Diary,

Went to school. Made cheese macrony was pretty good. Played volleyball with Frances + Pat. Went bike riding with them. And after supper I went too. Frances gave me some pictures of Alan Ladd. Worked on my scrapbook. Didn’t put up my hair.

7 April 1944

7 April 1944

Friday 7 April 1944

at top: Same

Dear Diary,

Didn’t go to school today. “Good Friday.” Played basketball + worked. Clean the appartment up. Moved in our old bedroom. Worked on our Easter eggs. Jim helped me fix Grant, Dickie + Brain’s [Brian’s] basket. Also pee wee’s. Washed my feet. Corn!

8 April 1944

8 April 1944

Saturday 8 April 1944

at top: Same

Dear Diary,

Cleaned living room + dining room. Got my teeth clean. Got two new books of Alan Ladd. Made some more Easter eggs. Grant didn’t come over. Went to the show alone saw Frances [Franchot] Tone he gets killed in the end. And saw Johsen [?] Cotton. Was pretty good. 

9 April 1944

9 April 1944

Sunday 9 April 1944

At top: Please let me

Easter Day

Dear Diary,

Grant came over to late. Didn’t go to church. Went to the show saw “Government Girl” wasn’t good. On the way over I met Garshall, Dickie, +Brian came over. Played down in the basement. Got a cablegram from Gene. Watched them play cards. Listen to the homers [?] Read Alan Ladd. mm

10 April 1944

10 April 1944

Monday 10 April 1944

at top: please

Dear Diary,

Didn’t go to school. Had a pirament [not sure what she means here]. Played baseball. Helped mom clean the upstairs. Can’t remember what else I did. 

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  1. Maybe a permanent? As in a perm?

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