Book Of Me Prompt 18: First Toy

This week’s prompt is (Week 18) First Present or Gift

Can you remember it?
Who bought it for you?
Do you still have it?
Pictures or a description
Other special gifts?

This one had me a bit stumped to be honest. I waited on it for a bit until I realized an obvious answer: my blanket. Or really, what I called my night-nights.



Don’t I look excited there?

So when I was born, I received two blankets. I do not remember who gave them to me or what they were originally for. All I know is that they became my security blanket (think Linus from Charlie Brown) for many years. I didn’t take them places unless I was staying the night because I wouldn’t be able to sleep without them. There were two of them and they were very soft. My memory is now of a very faded blanket which makes me wonder if those are the right one in the picture. It looks enough like it that I think my memory doesn’t include when they were newer!

I will say those blankets were with me for it all: nightmares, sickness, sadness, tummy aches, late nights (like New Years Eve), excited nights (like Christmas Eve), etc.

I have an idea on where the name came from, too. When I was born, my mom kept a baby calendar of all the things I would do. On it were my first words (besides mom/dad): night night. I assume then, that’s why I started to call the blankets that.

And these blankets… wow. I still have them. They are now nothing more than shredded rags but I keep them in a box at my parents. What I want to do is have my mom use them to re-stuff an old teddy bear that I had (his name is Sherwood and he was my first teddy bear). Those were my two favorite things from my youth so I thought it would be fitting.

I do have other memories of special toys that were made for me like dolls made from my aunt with her hand-made clothes as well. There was also two Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that I loved to pieces, probably literally too as I don’t know what happened to them. And of course, a glowworm.

Mine only had a light, no music, but boy did I use that light until it wore out! I was scared of the dark as a child and used that glowworm to fend off any monsters who decided to come my way. It was a great protector! That I used until the light no longer worked and the button to turn it on had completely worn out. We had to get a night-light for the bedroom then. And of course, that just meant I had a better light to read from so I’d sneak out of bed and read by the light of my night-light! I couldn’t do that with the glow worm :)

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