Book of Me: Toys and Games

This week’s (week 17) prompt is – Toys & Games

Can you remember your first toy, or game?
Do you still have it?
Who did you play with?
Did you play board games?
Have you inherited any of your family games & toys?

Share some pictures if you would like to!

I cannot, for the life of me, remember my first toy. But I do remember toys I used to get quite often as a child: She-Ra toys.


That She-Ra castle was by far one of my favorite toys. I still remember opening that gift and the surprise and joy I felt. :)

And just for fun, if anyone remembers the cartoon:

As far as board games go, we played a lot of games as a family.



Every year, our “Santa” gift was a game for the whole family. We had games like Trouble, Parcheesi (my FAVORITE!), Operation, Hungry Hippos, Mouse Trap, Battleship, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Life, Monopoly, Clue (another favorite), Sorry, Uno, Old Maid, Pick-Up-Sticks, Yahtzee, etc.

Every Friday it was family game night and someone would pick the game for us all to play. It didn’t always include my dad as he may have worked a night shift or two but it was the three of us kids and our parents. I loved it! As adults, whenever we get together we normally bring games around so when the little ones are in bed, we play into the night. It’s a wonderful time! 

I didn’t inherit any games from my family but my husband and I also love board games and get together with friends at least once a month for a weekend filled with board games. Much different than the children’s games I know as these are more strategy based and a lot of fun. I think I could say that I inherited a love for games instead of an actual game. :)


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2 thoughts on “Book of Me: Toys and Games

  1. Ooh, you mentioned some games I hadn’t remembered. Not sure how I could have forgotten Battleship and Parcheesi!

    • NikiMarie

      They are good games! I do have plenty of them though so I kind of cheated by looking through my stash to see if any were ones I had when I was younger. :)

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