Book of Me: Prompt 16

Message in a Bottle

• If you were to physically write or virtually write a message to place into a bottle what would you write?
• Do you live by the sea and are able to potentially throw into the Ocean? Or perhaps a river
• Do you feel strongly that you would not “litter” in this way – in which case you may complete the task virtually
• What would you like to happen with the message?
○ Do you hope it is picked up somewhere, miles from home?
○ Are you going to create a secret email account in case it is picked up and someone 
• Or would you like to write an anonymous note to someone that you know
• Or write a message to deceased loved one?

By Dread83 (Own work)  (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Dread83 (Own work) (, via Wikimedia Commons

I have always loved the idea of a message in a bottle! I imagined I could meet the most amazing people if only I lived close by to where a bottle could actually be found. I don’t, but I love the idea nonetheless.

Before I write the letter, I’ll answer the questions for the prompt.

I live by Lake Michigan but I wouldn’t want to throw the bottle in there. With Chicago and Gary also nearby, I’d be afraid it would just become lake trash and no one would see it. Plus, I would want someone a bit farther away from me to possibly find it. So, I’d rather toss it into the ocean – Atlantic would be closer to me. Now I know that it could likely become ocean trash as well but I’d be hopeful that someone would be curious enough to open the bottle and read the note.

My greatest wish is that the person who finds the letter would write me back and we could become old-fashioned pen-pals. I would hope this person would be quite a ways away from me and hopefully in another country but I would take what I could get!

Have any of you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society? I loved that book and started asking friends if they’d be willing to start writing letters back and forth.  Just today while waiting at the car shop, I wrote two letters to friends to send off before the holidays (I’m awful at holiday/birthday cards… I can never send them out in time and sometimes just plain forget). I’ve had people comment on the fact that I write (diary entries or letters) in a time when everything is digital. Typing is easier for me, but I LOVED finding old letters and post cards that my grandmother and great-grandmother had written. I’d love it for someone to be just as excited to find some of my old letters as well. And how neat would it be to find a pen-pal through a message in a bottle?

With that, I would be wary about putting in my own address. I’d probably rent a PO Box and have the mail sent there instead, just to be on the safe side. When I was younger, I would have probably put down my address but too many creepy things come about with doing things like that, so I wouldn’t now.

The last question, about sending a message to a loved one is a great idea. I had a friend whose young daughter was having a hard time with her grandmother’s death. So my friend had her write a letter to her grandmother, tie it to a balloon, and send it off to the sky for her grandmother to receive. I thought that was beautifully done and loved the idea. I’ve thought about it, but I’ve never done a letter to a loved one and for this project, I wouldn’t.

My letter would go something like this:

Hello stranger!

Are you surprised to find an actual message in a bottle? Thank you for taking a chance and opening it up to see if there was one in here!

I threw this out on early in 2014 and I’m not sure when it’ll actually reach someone who reads it. What I’m hopeful for is someone who would willingly be a pen-pal to someone who risked throwing a bottle into the ocean in hopes that it would find someone willing to be friends with a stranger. 

So, some things about me: I am a dog lover and adopted a German Shepherd/Doberman mix named Enzo. He’s the doggy-love of my life! I am happily married and along with my dog, the three of us love to travel (well, maybe not Enzo so much). Really though, we’ve only been through parts of the U.S.A., Canada, and Ireland, but I’m young. I hope to see as much as I can in my life. I especially love all the different types of food we’ve come across! That has been a lot of fun! 

An interesting fact: I will take some risks, but some I won’t do. For example, I’ve been skydiving, but I won’t try bungee jumping; the thought makes me terrified. 

I have many interests like history, reading, and writing – especially letters! I don’t want to get into too much but I just wanted to introduce myself a bit. 

If you’re interested, here’s an address where you can reach me! If you want, feel free to pass on this letter to someone who you feel might be interested if you’re not.

I look forward to hearing from you, bottle finder!




Mid-way through this letter, I realized I will probably hit a language barrier if this makes it to another country. I’m not quite sure what to do with it then. This is just a sample of what I’d write anyway so I’d probably have to fix it up with that in mind or maybe even include letters in other languages. That would actually be fun! I have some time to think about it. I do plan on doing this project and it’ll probably happen early 2014.

So if you happen to be walking on the Atlantic beach-side some day and see a bottle, it could be the one I sent.  :)

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5 thoughts on “Book of Me: Prompt 16

  1. I loved that book. Great post! This is another post that I am not really interested in…similar to the time capsule.

    • NikiMarie

      Thanks :) It is similar but I would really do this one more so then the time capsule one.

  2. Hello Niki!

    When i was a little chap i saw a historical red painted message in a bottle displayed between nautical instruments and whaling harpoons in a small coastal museum. It was one for early scientific use. And i am fascinated by messages in bottles since!
    The first one i tossed into the North Sea was found by a nice girl and we pen paled for years!
    Now i’m an elderly fellow, but i stick true to my little boy’s heart. So i continue to send messages in bottles. Not to make penfrends any more but to give beachcombers a little bit excitement in finding something mysterious. ;-)
    Some bloggers call their blogs “message in a bottle” because they don’t know who would read the notes. I do it the other way: i put my thoughts, poems or quotes in bottles and let them travel with the currents. There isn’t any adress added to the message, but if the finder really wants to answer he can find me on the internet easily.
    If You know a little bit German You are welcome to my weblog:

    Have a good time – and don’t forget to send me a message in a bottle! =)


    • NikiMarie

      The blog as a modern message in a bottle! I hadn’t thought of that but I can see the connection. Thank you for coming by and sharing that with me. I am currently trying to learn German so I will keep your blog in mind. Thanks :)

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