Book of Me: Prompt 15


Do you live in area where you routinely have snow?
How old were you when you first saw snow?
Do you remember it?
Did you make snowmen?
Throw Snowballs
Sledge Rides
What is the image that first came to mind when you read snow?
What does snow 
feel like, 
smell like 
how do you see snow 

Ah, snow. I lived in Michigan until my mid-twenties. Suffice it to say, I thought EVERYONE had snow in the winter. It was a shock to realize it is the opposite below the equator. So the first time I saw snow was my first winter when I was only about 6 months old. I do not remember that.

However, I do remember MANY a childhood spent outside during the winter. I LOVED the snow as a child! We had a great yard for snow forts under trees (where we staged our snowball fights), creating snow tunnels from the pile-up from the plows and clearing our driveway, creating snow angels, snow men, and my favorite: playing pretend. My sister, brother and I pretended we were lost in the Antarctic and the only way to survive was to gather as many icicles as we could and then stockpile them under one of our tree forts.

Good times.

There was NOTHING better as a child to wake up to a snow day (which became MUCH rarer when I was in high school and desperately wanted to sleep in, not go play in the snow) with fresh powder everywhere. The first image that comes to mind when I hear the word snow is that – seeing our backyard at my childhood home, completely untouched by children (yet). I stand ready to jump in, but take a moment, listening to the silence that snow brings, hearing the crunch crunch of my siblings behind me in their snow boots and the whispering of our snow gear, and enjoy the sunlight shining off the snow before we plow in, snow up to thighs! Then, after becoming rather cold with reddened cheeks, our mom would call us in for lunch. She would make us stand in the entryway, her broom ready to brush off our snow suits. The smell of cold would follow us in (I don’t know how to describe it). We would then peel off our outer layers, and enjoy a hot lunch of something like grilled cheese and tomato soup (my favorite!) before going out and doing it all again!

Jan 1985

Jan 1985

Even in college, snow was fun. The university’s campus was small so we could walk everywhere. We went out and had snowball fights, went sledding, even found a tubing place for sledding (SO much fun!) and then there were the dare devils who used the lunch room trays to go sledding as well (that would be my husband). Because we didn’t have to drive in the snow very often, snow became a lot more fun! The ice was not… I remember trying to walk up the hill back to my dorms and I was so close to that warm front door but I kept sliding back down. I had to carefully walk in the grass part to get inside – also hoping no one had seen my many tries to get up that icy hill.

After a very short time in the south, we are now back in our snowy weather but this time not as far north as Michigan – but still close (Indiana). And right where they get lake-effect snow as well. It reminds me of my youth and I still get that shock of joy at seeing all the untouched snow! Until I have to drive in it… That usually kills the joy for me.

around 2008/2009 - Lake effect snow for our first winter back from the south!

around 2008/2009 – Lake effect snow for our first winter back from the south!

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10 thoughts on “Book of Me: Prompt 15

  1. I can relate to those memories. I hated driving in snow, especially with ice underneath, too!

    • NikiMarie

      Oh that was the worst! I still dislike that. My husband more than me; so much so that he’s starting talking about moving south again!

  2. Snow days! Oh the excitement of listening to the radio waiting to hear your school announced as being closed! Yippee! The last time I drove in snow I gave himself a fit as I had fun skidding on an empty road. I was the designated driver, chauffeuring three slightly the worse for wear guys after a day out in London. I don’t think my driving made them feel very well!

  3. I can still almost feel the excitement I felt as a child when the radio announced that our school had a snow day.

    • NikiMarie

      Me too! As a teacher, I was right there with my students hoping and wishing for a snow day. Most of the time anyway, not always. :)

  4. Whichwaynow101 and Sheryl have the happy memories of watching to see if the snow was coming down hard enough for a snow day, radio announcements, etc. – great days!! I wouldn’t change those days for anything!

    • NikiMarie

      I agree! Winter seems made for children and I have some of my best childhood memories of those wonderful days. :)

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