Amanuensis Monday: Jan 14-15 1945

Jan 14 1945

Jan 14 1945

Sunday Jan 14 1945

Went to sunday school. Had dinner. Went to the Franklin with Bud, Bob, Charlotte, Lillian, and Tillie. We saw “Till We Meet Again” with Ray William. We to Macontire, got a multed. Lillian stay for awhile at the house. Betty came home tonite. Talked for a while. Took a bath + put up my hair. Did my General Science. Ate some chicken + had a bottle of pop. Went to bed. Probly will talk with Betty for a while. 

Multed = malted milkshake, I think

Jan 15 1945

Jan 15 1945

Monday Jan 15 1945

Went to school. Got our test paper back had a “A.” Went over town after school. Change my sweater. Got a blue one. Frankie and I had our picture taken. Did my science. Talked to Pat over the phone. We were making believe we got a secret between us and we don’t want Betty to know. He’s got a nice voice. Went over to Buds for awhile. Put up my hair. Got some pictures of Van Johnson.

Betty is my grandmother’s older sister. She is about 4 years older than her and was turning 19 in August of 1945. The Pat my grandmother is talking to is the fiance of Betty’s. They get married in March of 1945. I know he was also part of World War II but I don’t know much about his army life besides that. I wonder what the wedding will be like (I didn’t read ahead) and if it would be as exciting as my own sister getting married. :)


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